Bobbin lace foil art print

In today’s project, I’ll show you how I use my handmade lace in different ways to gift and greet people that are dear to me.

I was usually using some rather complex techniques to achieve this. Jet I recently realized you don’t need them, you have everything in reach of your hands.

Now let’s get to work. In today’s post, we will shed some light on a quest to turn lace you already made into a print project. There are endless possibilities to use this idea. And the best part is, for home use you don’t need a professional editing program.

What do we need?
  1. Lace you made in bright colour, but not shiny
  2. Dark surface, it can be colour paper for the background
  3. Smartphone for taking a picture and filtering the picture (don’t worry it’s simple and straightforward
  4. computer to edit the greetings card in a “Word Document”
  5. simple computer picture editing program like Windows Paint
  6. Cardstock to print on (use a toner laser printer if you don’t have it at home most copy machines are of that kind). And paper should be as smooth as possible, preferably glossy.
  7. heat transfer foil or art foil
  8. In the end, you need a laminator and some baking paper to protect the laminator.
And now the process

You need a lace you made in light colour. It would be best white, but cream or light pastels work well too, try to avoid gold, silver, actually try to avoid shiny threads in general for this project.

Put it on a contrasting dark background, a sheet of paper is OK, as long as it is dark. And now all you have to do is to take a picture with your phone.

Bobbin lace ornament

Bobbin lace ornament

In the phone gallery use a picture that is the best and edit it, first, you need to trim it, I like a 1:1 picture ratio. It gives you a chance to use space more efficiently.

Cropping bobbin lace picture

Cropping bobbin lace picture

Next step is editing in your phone gallery. In the filter section chose Mono filter. Go for the most prominent black and white look. In my Huawei, it is called Trk.

Here you can play with sliders to get the optimum result. Adjust the contrast and Brightness to your needs. Remember we are aiming for a completely black and white picture. Do your best to save you work later on.

Now we are done with the phone part, and we transfer the picture to our computer. Here we open the Word program (that is a text editing program).

It is the time to figure out what kind of greeting card you are making, that means you already know how big format you require. In the Page Layout, you make the changes needed. Please be careful when it comes to edges. Printers want them, need them, their work depends on them. Don’t erase them. The minimum for an outer document edge is 1 cm (I don’t know how much is it in inches, actually it is a little less than a half of inch).

Figuring out what you want in Word document

Figuring out what you want in Word document

You know how you freeze when you here some fancy words? Don’t worry, no need for freezing or anxiety. We will start now with photo editing. I know how intimidating this may sound, have no fear, simplicity is my good friend.

We need to open, kind of a picture program. Windows has this dead program (no longer updated but still available) called Paint. You can look for it through the search bar or in the Start menu under Windows utilities&tools. If you don’t have it, you can get it for free.

Here you open or paste your chosen picture.

Select all, and with the right click, you’ll find in the opened menu at the bottom Invert colour. Half of your editing is done, be proud of your self.

The other half is kid’s stuff. If there are inconsistencies and black or grey colour appears where it shouldn’t. Use the eraser tool. And that is the whole editing shebang.

Snapseed users follow these steps:

This is only for people that have Snapseed App on the phone. You open the picture in the app

  • Open tools, and go for a black and white filter, chose the most prominent. And play with settings like Brightness and Contrast.
  • To invert the colours, you go to tools and open Curves. Tap the last icon that looks like a swatch, and chose Neutral, you get only two buttons, upper right and lower left. Slide the bottom left up and upper right down. I hope this makes sense. You’ll see colours change, black becomes white, and white becomes black.
  • Now you need to clean up the parts that haven’t turned up as expected. You can do this with the healing tool or a brush. If a picture was not perfect, you need to use both of them.

Here we go back to Word and actually, make the card. I will be extremely narrowly oriented. There could be done so much more with this approach.

  • Paste or insert the edited picture into the document to the desired position.
  • If you have additional text in mind now is the time to do it.

And print away.

One more thought, if you plan to print the inside or back of the card, depends on what you have in mind. You need to think out exactly how things are going to be done and WRITE IT DOWN. If one paper needs to go through the printer more than once, write down exactly how it needs to be feed into the printer the second time.

The best solution is to practice on a plain sheet of paper.

The last step brings in some bling to the whole thing. Laminating with heat transfer foil or art foil, call it what you wish or according to your geography.

Be creative when picking up the foil. I opted for boring to be able to show it easier. I was wrong. It would be more prudent to go crazy with white paper and crazy foil. Anyway, let’s move on.

Using baking paper when laminating is a good idea. It prevents foil to be bunched up by spinning rollers in the laminator. If by any chance you have anything printed and not covered with art foil, you need to protect your laminator rollers from ink to stick on them.┬áIf by any chance this happens, you will have to clean the laminator, trust me you don’t want that.

Laminating Bobbin lace art print

Laminating Bobbin lace art print

When choosing the paper go for glossy cardstock, this will give you crisp foiling. I didn’t get it when I was looking for it and went for plain paper card stock. What came out looks like a glittery retro filter. And I like it a lot. Thinking about it, that is just the look for this project.

What would you say?

Have fun, be creative, loosen up and enjoy as much as possible.

Till next time.