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Hey guys!

Finally came the day. Selection of seven Christmas Bobbin Lace Patterns is ready for you to receive. There was a lot of work invested into something that looked unprofessional, had drawn and subsequently, not eye pleasing at all. In short, it wasn’t in reproductive quality. And now finally you can enjoy them.

Here is a link to a short post on how to prepare your patterns for work.

Why these seven patterns and not others?

Because they are simple, look intricate and easy to care for by anyone. This simple sentence says it all. Here is a link to a post where I’m talking about what a good pattern is and what one should think about even before making the pattern for lace.

And yes I forgot you need a link to claim your copy of free patterns. So here is a direct link to the site.

Lace making should not be a torture. Owning a lace should be a joyful experience. And jet more often than not, both of these experiences turn into unpleasant torturing. Lace making is far too often part of the rigorous following of tradition. And sometimes tradition is not the best way to go.

I don’t know about you, but I like my options open. And this is the perspective from which you should approach these patterns.

Another thought about lace making that helped me get better in planning is, look at the pattern like you would look at the maze. You need to figure out the shortest, the most efficient and the most practical way through.

Two Sizes

You will get patterns in two sizes. You know how it is, some like it smaller – subtle, others like it larger – louder and no one is wrong. I say make it big enough that everyone can see it without guessing or squinting.

Here is a picture of a bag made for my mother, only to be used for two months max. She debated that the large lace appliqués are too large and that there is, all in all, too much on there. Now, a long time after the bag should be retired and in the middle of summer, Christmas themed bag is still in use. What I wanted to say is sometimes one should also try things that at first don’t appeal to us.

The techniques used in these ornaments are nothing special. Perhaps only one or two are a bit different from the usual if you don’t agree let me know.

Only one thing I would like to plead on is, make clean starts and ends. If necessary practice, in your work should not be easily seen where it has begun and where ended from neither side. I know I still struggle; perhaps I have too high standards because when I’m satisfied, most professionals can’t see or figure out.

To finish today’s short post. I would like to announce a new collection of Christmas Bobbin Lace ornaments. I’m preparing something completely different. Appropriate for the beginners too. Especially for people who struggle to come to an end quickly.

Oh yes, I forgot another thing. Please share your results on social media, just #petricy.

Till next time.




P.S.: I’m adding a couple of pictures to show you how you can alter one pattern into multiple outcomes. All you need is to change your work path. Your work path is like solving a labyrinth puzzle. Think of lace making, form that perspective and you’ll do good.


Bobbin Lace-One pattern three outcomes

Bobbin Lace-One pattern three outcomes