Designing your own bobbin lace pattern

Bobbin Lace pattern making

As a lot of you have probably noticed. I make mine designs on my own. Often they are some crazy concoctions of different styles from all over the world and above all from different times. There is some seriously twisted mind behind all that. Anyways there is an important thing to know before you make the bobbin lace pattern or design.

You need to know how to make bobbin lace and what is the purpose of your product. Have you ever found the pattern where you need days to figure it out and then it turns out the one that made it had no clue what they are doing.

And there is a trap waiting for you somewhere down the lane. When you start adding elements into the design. There are instances when less is, actually, more. You don’t want to suffocate your work with too many elements, sometimes to the point where the whole design loses its meaning.

Sometimes it is so hard to keep back and view things from a perspective. More often then not I doubt in my point of view, do I see things right? Am I too tacky with color or size? Is there too much bling? Does my story tel anything? Am I boring? Boring sometimes is the way to go, but mostly not. What I wanted to say is, be brave and try to make yours by hand. It does not matter if it looks ugly and unprofessional. I’ll give you one of my examples. You shouldn’t be ashamed. Especially when you are using the result daily, show it proudly. This particular item is on my mother’s cardholder. Used for years and it still holds its shape.

In the pictures above you can see how difficult it is when working with white to a cream thread on a white surface. For this particular project, I didn’t have any pastel color cardstock at hand. In the beginning, you don’t notice anything but, in the long run, your eyesight is hurting.

I’ve decided to give my Christmas Ornaments patterns for free. I hope that many of you could make your homes shine with your effort.  I wouldn’t like to be everything described above for someone, but I’m quite sure my patterns will meet the criteria.

Bobbin lace pattern will be in PDF printable file. All you need to buy is some heavy paper (card stock, go for pastel colors) and matte protective foil. Pastel color is not just for the looks. Trust me your eyes will be grateful for this detail. To prevent color transfer use clear contact paper. When buying go for the matte option, again your eyes need protection.

I do plan to release some other bobbin lace patterns. To follow that follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or subscribe to my newsletter.

Let’s finish today’s post.

I wish you all a very successful and stress-free summer.

Till next time.