It’s nice to be the one

It’s very rude of me for not taking time and write down the origin and the process of the making the design of three hearts. And when would it be more appropriate time than now, on Valentine’s day.

It all began with me meeting someone very unpleasant. This person also had a habit of rubbing up to everyone’s nose this unpleasantness and present it as a virtue. Here I have to state I was very young (it was in my school years). Anyhow, I could not understand how on earth someone like that wears a pin with three hearts. The pin was a product of mineral water company to promote a healthy lifestyle. In my eyes, healthy lifestyle is not just physical health but also your emotional balance. Now that I think back, I find it odd, to have this kind of mindset at such an early age, but it is what it is. In all of my perhaps childish thoughts, you become big when your heart grows, develops and is capable of accepting all the different aspects of life, circumstances, life paths and all the people that cross your pathway.

At the time when I was reflecting my life experiences with this person, I was learning the art of lace making. All of the sudden it hit me why wouldn’t I make a lace design that would reflect my understanding of a properly developed heart? The whole process was very long and at times painful. How does someone’s, good heart look like in lace edition? How would a Royal heart look? How would all of the diversity of life look? How to represent the richness of one’s growth possibilities and hidden gifts? There were a million more questions, and this is what it came out at the end.



In the centre of the heart, there is always a hidden gem that sparkles in its own and unique light. This light is what makes our lives worth living. And now comes the question, how many such people do you know? And above all, how do you show them your appreciation?

To end this short post today. I mentioned once before that I’m planning to open Amazon Store and I finally made it. This is my first product offered to anyone that would like to express their love to someone or thank for someone’s love and support. As said in the title, it’s nice to be the one that brings light and joy to other peoples lives.


I hope this product brings a lot of joy into peoples lives. Please express your heart in a unique way and don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd.


I wish you all Happy Valentine’s Day.