Vintage in disguise of modern

“Lace has been brought back to life. It’s not your grandmother’s lace.”

Candy Pratts Price
Petricy fashion

About me

It all started with a tiny gift that got me thinking. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this old luxury art in contemporary form? In some unimaginable new uses and designs. In my opinion, lace should be used every day and not tucked somewhere in a safe place, reserved only for special occasions. And all that I said above was a starting point in learning to make bobbin lace. My learning path was different from most, mostly due to dealing with teachers not willing to talk about improvisation and technical solutions when stepping out of frames. All that led me to see how we push ourselves into an imposed industrial average. We live in a world where people would like to mimic imaginary perfection imposed by different industries.
On the other hand, we believe everyone deserves to be a queen or a king of their kingdom and enjoy our uniqueness.
Therefore I designed my first collection of bobbin lace applique. This design represents a well balanced human heart, the richness of one’s possibilities and hidden gifts. It comes in many colors as do peoples hearts.

Please own your heart and wear it, show it, live it proudly.

  • Protection mask with filter
  • Finished protection mask
  • Finished protection mask

Protection mask

DIY protection mask with N95 filter.

Originally designed as pollen and air pollution filter for asthmatics and histamine intolerance.

But with Coronavirus in town very important for health protection.

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Bobbin Lace for beginners

What can you do with two pairs?
How to perfect your basics skills?
How to be consistent through the whole project?
The significance of the simple two-pair projects and why it’s important to make them?
And simple is not always the easiest nor plain or uninteresting

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